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Muir Valley is a private,  non-profit preserve, and is devoted to the enjoyment of three activities—rock climbing, hiking, and nature study. Over the past ten plus years, Muir Valley has grown from nothing to become one of the premier venues for rock climbing in the U.S., with over 40,000 annual visitors. As the number of visitors continues to grow, so do the operating expenses. In addition to the the gift of the Valley to FOMV, made by the founders and original owners Rick and Liz Weber in 2015, many others have donated time, money, and effort, to help create and maintain this place of spectacular natural beauty and outstanding climbing opportunities.

Your contributions will help to pay for some of the operating expenses, such as the building and maintenance of trails and bridges, emergency rescue equipment, utilities and supplies for the public restrooms, and many other items to ensure continued access in the future. In fact, Muir Valley cannot survive without your help.

Donations by check can be made payable to Muir Valley and mailed to us at: 50 Muir Road, Rogers, KY 41365.

Secure cash or check donations can also be made at the donation box at Muir Valley. To make an on-line donation by PayPal or by credit or debit card, click the “Donate” button below. To set up an automatic periodic recurring donation, click on the “Subscription” button on the right side of this page.

It is people such as you who help us to continue to improve Muir Valley and make it available free to the public. We appreciate your generosity!