JEDI At Muir Valley

At Muir Valley, everyone is welcome. We are committed to creating an inclusive experience for all visitors. In the spirit of community, we celebrate and advocate for all people regardless of race, gender identity, sexual orientation, religion, ability, or age. We recognize barriers to outdoor recreation exist and must be dismantled, so we aim to create a space where all are included and respected.  We strive to be better and commit to making Muir Valley a place for all.

What is JEDI?

Justice: We strive to dismantle barriers to resources and opportunities in society so that all individuals and communities can live a full and dignified life. These barriers are essentially the “isms” in society: racism, classism, sexism, etc. At Muir Valley, this is important to us because we believe in a Muir Valley where the “isms” are not barriers to access.

Equity: We commit to allocating resources to ensure everyone has access to the same resources and opportunities. Equity recognizes that advantages and barriers – the “isms” – exist. Not everyone has the same access, resources, or opportunities to outdoor recreation. At Muir Valley, we recognize these barriers, so we aim to make Muir Valley an equitable space for everyone. 

Diversity: We recognize the differences between groups based on how they experience systemic advantages or encounter systemic barriers to opportunities. Diversity is about identities that are both visible and invisible & permanent and fluid based on how we experience advantages or encounter barriers and opportunities. At Muir Valley, we aim to have a diverse board that embodies the variety of diversity in the people we are serving today, such as those in the LGBTQ+ and BIPOC communities. We envision a board that represents the future we are working towards where the outdoors is a diverse and inclusive space for all.

Inclusion: Fostering a sense of belonging by centering, valuing, and amplifying the voices, perspectives, and styles of those who experience more barriers based on their identities. Inclusion is not just including all differences. Inclusion means amplifying and valuing the experiences of underrepresented and marginalized peoples. At Muir Valley, inclusion means that despite the systematic barriers that exist, we strive to elevate those belonging to underrepresented groups and celebrate all people in the outdoors to ensure all are welcome. Our focus on creating an accessible climbing experience is one such example of this. 

Land Acknowledgment

Muir Valley is located in the ancestral homelands of the Yuchi, Shawanwaki/Shawnee, Cherokee, and the Osage. These nations lived and traveled here long before Muir Valley existed. Muir Valley is committed to the protection and stewardship of these lands. (Source: | Our home on native land)

We’re still learning:

The board members of Muir Valley are lifelong learners. We make mistakes and try again. We try to do better and to be better. We actively seek diverse perspectives, and we attempt to include as many perspectives as possible. We strive to make Muir Valley and the Red River Gorge community a better and more inclusive place. Will you join us?

Engagement Opportunities and Resources:

Want to Partner?

Partner with Muir Valley to amplify diverse perspectives with JEDI engagement opportunities:

Engagement OpportunityDescriptionExample
Guided ClinicsMuir Valley hosts your group in partnership a with a local guide company to bring a guided climbing experience to your organizationMuir Valley financially supporting a gym to crag clinic for your organization
Inclusive Festivals/Inclusive programs at Muir ValleySupport in JEDI specific programs taking place at Muir Valley. For example, hosting a para-climbing or LGBTQ+ clinic at Muir ValleyMuir Valley closing crags so your organization can partake in a climbing festival.
Muir Valley assisting with the coordination and execution of your event.
Instagram/Social Media Takeover + Sharing/RepostingYour organization is climbing at Muir Valley and would like to participate in amplifying your event across Muir Valley’s social media Your program has a photographer/videographer joining that can share photos/footage with Muir Valley that we can share across our social media.

Fill out this form and Muir Valley will reach out to connect with you to bring your JEDI Opportunity to life!

Want to learn more?

There is no end to the JEDI Journey. Below are some resources and organizations you can leverage to learn more:

Access Fund – Our JEDI Journey

Organizations to further your own JEDI Journey:

  • Brothers of Climbing
  • Ladies Climbing Coalition
  • Lady Crush Crew
  • Latino Outdoors
  • Sending in Color
  • The Brown Ascenders
  • Melanin Basecamp
  • Adaptive Climbing Group
  • Climbing for Change Org
  • Catalyst Sports
  • Paradox Sports
  • Peak Potential
  • Indigenous Field Guide
  • The Gear Fund Collective
  • Queer Climbing Collective